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Maynard Dog Training Solutions

Barking dog?

Jumping on guests?

Unwanted potty behaviors?

Just a plain, jerk? 

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How We Can Help You!

We will work with your dog's specific needs and behaviors. These training packages are great for all dogs. You may have identified specific behaviors you want to attain from your dog. We offer VIRTUAL ONLINE LIVE training for anyone all over the world. We conduct training based on your time zone.

Happy Puppy

Puppy Training (Puppies under age 6 months)

  • Potty training

  • Socializing and interacting with other dogs

  • Socializing with people/human interaction

  • Crate training (used when you need to leave the home and your dog stays, also used for bedtime)

  • Stop pulling and acting crazy on leash

  • Bite inhibition/learning to use bite control and not nipping at people

  • Basic commands such as sit, recall, down, stay, go to place/bed

  • Stop jumping at visitors

Cute Papillon Dog

 We have some training already

Fear / Aggressive Behaviors - "Reactive" (barking, lunging, biting, hyper vigilant)

Separation Anxiety (Why are you leaving me?)

  • Your dog will advance with generalizing all behaviors using distance, duration, and distraction

  • Sit and stay until released

  • Walking in crowded areas

  • Come when called with distractions

  • Your Sitting on command from a distance

  • Learning to properly heal

  • Tricks

  • For dogs usually over 6 months of age

  • Fearful dogs

  • Dogs that have bitten other dogs and/or people

  • Working with your dog's tolerance for people and other dogs

  • Learn discipline at meal time concerning food and object guarding

  • Learn drop it and leave it commands

  • Learn proper leash control

  • Socialization of your dog with people and other dogs

Why are you leaving me?

  • Sometimes we just need to leave your dog(s) at home without them tearing up the house. Some dogs show anxiety when we leave the home and leave them alone. Dogs will sometimes eat pillows, chew the woodwork around the home, pee and poop inside the home, run frantic around the house, and maybe even non stop barking. Your dog may show other signs of anxiety.

What Pet Owners are saying

"With his guidance and expertise my dog's behavior has made major improvements."

5 Stars

Chris is very professional and has an intuitive approach to his methods. All of his recommendations are individually based on your dog and what you're trying to achieve. With his guidance and expertise my dogs behavior has made major improvements.
As a rescue she had some areas to improve; recall, excitement level around other dogs, and overall attention/focus. He came to us and even brought his dog along for the sessions as another training tool. He taught me and our dog valuable methods for our future.
We are so grateful to have worked with him and will be getting in touch again when we rescue our next! He is excellent with dogs but if you want a successful experience, these lessons require work from the dog parents too! They will strengthen your bond and allow you to get the most out of your time. Thank you Chris!!

Marie D. of Scituate Rhode Island

"Worthy of every penny!"


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Hands down best trainer in Rhode Island. This team isn’t in it to sell you and make you spend all your money. They are in it for the dogs! Chris takes such good card of each pet he interacts with as if it’s his own! Everything is explained so well and clear. Annabelle loves her “uncle Chris” !!

Alexandra Lozeau

"Truly Amazing"

"Chris, You are truly amazing with your gift to save and train dogs! Thank you so much for teaching our new puppy all of the obedience he needed. Sit, Stay, Down, all that fun stuff. Also, thank you for training our old man Pitbull. He never had any training before this, his entire 7-year life. Your prices are also the best on the market. We shopped around first and you didn't over charge us. It was great meeting you and I can't wait for you to come back and further our training."

John T. of Franklin, MA

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