The BEST Dog Trainer in The World. 

Christopher Maynard is a retired U.S. Marine who has been working dog obedience training since 2010. Current Chris and his team of 5 trainers is working in All of the New England States. Christopher is a *Licensed, Professional- Dog Trainer, with additional certification in Hunting Dog training and Dogs with Aggression. He is also a Certified Master Dog Trainer. He enjoys volunteering his time at animal shelters and police departments in the Northeastern United States. Chris Also travels the world teaching group classes and helping people with aggressive dogs. WE USE POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT TECHNIQUES IN THE FORM OF (LIMA) LEAST INVASIVE, MINIMAL AVERSIVE.  We teach Puppies how to better behave and not chew furniture and pee all over the house along with basic commands. We also help people with all of the unwanted behaviors your dogs are doing. Schedule your next home visit or group class by reaching out to us at 774.391.2885 or visiting the home page 

 * Business Licensed & insured in Ma, RI, CT, NH, VT, ME